? emptiness/ confusion ?

? that symbol ? now i know the real meaning of this mark, life is so empty and direction less when you have know idea what you want or who you want to be. At the end of each day there is emptiness and confusion that what you achieved today?? what was the purpose of […]

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New year 2014. Good bye to 2013. I found so many good and amazing things in this year and got so many experience. Found some great friends and spend good time with them, 2013 wasn’t just about good things but i found some bad people and saw real face of many people. Anyhow 2013 is […]

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All my life i was waiting for someone special to come in my life, show me the right way, tells me that no matter what i am with you. All my life i was waiting for that one special moment where i can that look this person is mine, she is the one in my […]

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don’t know what to call this

There are 7.13 billion people in the world today, 7.13 different souls, different hearts and all this 7.13 billion people have their own problems, their own culture and there own way to live in this world. its so surprising that in this big world you are still alone, finding the right person for you in […]

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movie and real world

Last night i saw a nice movie, about which i want to tell you all.  “NOW U SEE ME” I must say this movie is a nice one. I know many of you would not agree with me but there is my reason that why I like this movie. I didn’t remember the exactly same […]

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birthday party :)

A very Good and busy day,its birthday of my one of best friend 🙂 a true friend indeed. His name is HAMAD KHAN, well a friend who you can always see beside you in difficult time. coming back to the birthday party, soo we all had a great time celebrating birthday. we all decide to […]

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